RapidTech was founded in 2004 as an professional total solution provider to improve our client’s business with high tech software and related consulting and outsourcing services. RapidTech has professional experiences and advantage resources in business consulting, software solution R&D, mobility solution, big data analysis, cloud computing and business process outsourcing.

Our innovative solutions and services had been successfully covered in firms like: HRO, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance, Exchange Center, FMCG and Retail, and served more than 200+ famous international and local companies.

4 business units (“HR Tech”、“Finance Tech”、“Medical Tech” and “Marketing Tech”) has been established in 2017 for better focusing on the certain business areas and integrating its core technologies and preponderant resources. RapidTech believes its solutions and services will work as an advantage eco system that offering better performance and value to our customers.



4个业务部门(“HR Tech”,“Finance Tech”,“Medical Tech”和“Marketing Tech”)已于2017年成立,旨在更好地关注某些业务领域并整合其核心技术和优势资源。 RapidTech相信其解决方案和服务将作为一种优势生态系统,为我们的客户提供更好的性能和价值。